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                Our island is blessed with friendly people and unsurpassed natural beauty.



Bonaire is a small island in the southern Dutch Caribbean, one of the ABC islands. From the depths of our pristine waters to the height of our tallest peak, Brandaris, you will feel Bonaire’s blessing wash over you from the moment you arrive and throughout the days as you become attuned to Bonaire’s unhurried pace. Bonaire is a Eco-Friendly destination. An island blessed with an unsurpassed natural beauty.

Nowhere else is vacationing as easy as on Bonaire, as our warm, friendly people welcome visitors from around the world.

Sunset in the south of Bonaire
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Delve into wonderful activities, both in the sea and

on land, which makes Bonaire a unique destination. Besides being recognized for the 28th consecutive year as the number one Shore Diving Destination in the Caribbean/Atlantic, Bonaire is also famous for windsurfing, kite surfing, and snorkeling. Bonaire is idyllic outside of the hurricane belt and enjoys beautiful weather year around, for fantastic biking, hiking, kayaking, caving, nature tours or just relax.




So, we invite you to feel the charm of Bonaire. Feel it in our tropical Caribbean waters. See it in our pristine natural beauty. Sense it in the warm smiles of our people. Lose yourself in the romance of the trade winds and our idyllic blue skies all year long. As you adjust to our tranquil pace, the rush of daily life falls away. Here, there are no deadlines. No traffic lights. No bustle. There is simply the freedom of choosing how to spend your day. We invite you to explore, to enjoy, to become a part of Bonaire, absorbing our nature, our culture, and our cuisine. The warmth from the sunshine is here for all to enjoy while on Bonaire, but you will cherish the afterglow of the Bonairean people in your hearts forever. 

            We assure you that “Once a Visitor Always a Friend”.

enjoying the breeze at sorbon
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